Refrigerator, Freezer and Clothes Washer Recycling

Refrigerator Recycling

We are retiring our appliance recycling service at the end of 2016. To get free pick-up and $30 cash back for recycling, please schedule a pick-up appointment no later than 5:00pm PST on December 31, 2016.*

*Appointments are subject to scheduling availability and may fill up before the December 31, 2016 deadline. The last pick-up day will vary by community and appointment availability.

Let Energy Trust handle the heavy lifting with free in-home pickup, plus you’ll get $30. 

Schedule a Free Pickup Online or call us at 1.844.368.4545.

Refrigerator/Freezer Recycling Benefits

  • Models more than 15 years old can use three times more energy than high-efficiency models
  • Save up to $150 a year by removing your old fridge or freezer
  • 95% of components will be reused

Fill a fridge

Clothes Washer Recycling Benefits

  • If you have a standard clothes washer that is over 10 years old, ENERGY STAR estimates that it's costing you, on average $180 a year.
  • 95% of components will be reused

Recycle your old appliance and get $30 cash back. We'll pick up the appliance at your home for free!

By cashing your incentive check, you agree to Energy Trust's Terms and Conditions, as set forth on the Energy Trust incentive application.

You must be an Oregon customer of Portland General Electric or Pacific Power. Your refrigerator or freezer must be between 10 and 30 cubic feet and working condition (it must turn on but does not have to cool). Your clothes washer must turn on and not be disassembled in any way (all parts must be intact). Recycling service is provided by ARCA.

Recycled refrigerators, freezers and clothes washers are eligible for a $30 incentive.

If your unit is not in working condition, you can contact your local garbage hauler or call Metro’s recycling information hotline at 503.234.3000. You can also visit and click on “garbage and recycling” in the left-hand menu to use their “Find a Recycler” service.

Read the terms and conditions for participation.

Incentives are not intended to influence consumer decisions on fuel sources.

Follow these easy steps to redeem your cash incentive for recycling your old refrigerator, freezer or clothes washer:

1: Establish your eligibility (see Eligibility tab).

2: Schedule your appliance pick-up online or call us at 1.844.368.4545.

3: If the property is a rental or business building please submit a copy of a W-9.


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Your check will be mailed to you within six to eight weeks of pickup.