Get started in three simple steps

Duct Insulation

Looking to create an energy-efficient building that turns heads? Having the right resources on hand can make all the difference. Work with Energy Trust and gain access to cash incentives, technical assistance and other valuable resources that simplify the process of designing and constructing a high-performance building.

STEP 1: Enroll your project

Send in the Project Enrollment Application as early as possible to get the most out of Energy Trust technical assistance and cash incentives.

STEP 2: Apply for cash incentives

Use Energy Trust cash incentives to make the design and construction of your building more affordable.

+ Additional Design Assistance

+ Installation

+ Completion + Post-Occupancy

STEP 3: Request payment

Energy Trust reviews each incentive application as it is submitted. Once the application is approved, the incentive is reserved until the associated work is completed. As you complete the work, submit a Substitute Form W-9 and Payment Request Form for review and approval.

Questions? Email us or call 1.877.467.0930.