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Ready to make your business more energy efficient? Start today with these two easy-to-do ways.

  • Do-it-yourself energy audit. Follow this step-by-step audit to identify areas for building and equipment upgrades. Find everyday ways to change how you use energy. Learn which improvements are eligible for Energy Trust cash incentives. Go to the energy audit now.
  • Pencil It Out. This online tool will help you weigh the costs and benefits of your energy-efficiency proposal, estimate energy cost savings and evaluate your overall investment in energy efficiency. Use Pencil It Out now.

Need Ideas?
Energy upgrades like new lighting, heating systems, water heaters or insulation can save you money right away with cash incentives—and down the road by lowering energy costs for years to come. Start here.

Need some help? Bring us in.
Energy Trust can provide on-site assistance to help you develop and implement an energy management plan to trim your energy costs. Contact us today to get the details.

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