Evaluate your energy use

Evaluate your business

Running a more energy-efficient business is all about knowing where to begin. For most organizations, the process starts with identifying the most beneficial areas to make building and equipment upgrades, as well as finding everyday ways to change how you use energy. Here are a few solutions to get you going:

Start with a self guided walk through. Use Energy Trust's do-it-yourself energy audit to document information about your building and how you use energy, organized by lighting, office equipment, HVAC and foodservice equipment. The audit also includes practical ideas for saving energy and indicates which improvements are eligible for our cash incentives. Download the form.

Pencil It Out. This online tool will help you weigh the costs and benefits of your energy-efficiency proposal, project energy cost savings and evaluate the overall investment in energy efficiency.

On-site assistance is available for qualifying projects to help you develop and implement an energy management plan to trim your energy costs. Contact us to see if your project qualifies.

Early design assistance is available for qualifying new construction and major renovation projects. Contact us to see if your project qualifies.