Commercial Scale Wind

Energy Trust supports larger wind installations ranging from 100 kilowatts up to 20 megawatts that deliver power to Portland General Electric and Pacific Power. Projects may consist of a single turbine or a small group of turbines, and ownership models vary. We provide technical assistance and cash incentives to help offset the initial investment in a wind installation. State and federal tax credits may also be available.

Energy Trust Incentives

Project development assistance – Energy Trust may provide support for expert project development assistance including, but not limited to the following: grant writing assistance, feasibility studies, permitting, financial modeling, utility interconnection, anemometer, and SODAR placement. Energy Trust may pay up to 50% of the cost of hiring a consultant to provide expert assistance for these activities, up to a maximum of $40,000.

Cash incentives for turbine installations – Incentive levels are based on a project’s costs in comparison to the market value of the energy produced ("above-market costs"). Incentive funds are subject to budget constraints and may be competitively awarded, but there is no cap or fixed percentage of the amount of above-market costs we will pay. Each project is unique and incentives are based on many factors. In most cases, we will disburse our funds over time, contingent on the project’s actual delivery of electric power to the grid. In return for our funding contribution, we will ask for a negotiated share of the project’s Renewable Energy Certificates, which are held in trust for the ratepayers who contribute to Energy Trust.

Tax credits, grants and loan guarantees

State and federal tax credits, grants, and loan guarantees may be available for your project. Consult your tax professional to learn how tax credits and rules apply to your project. This information does not constitute tax advice and cannot be used to avoid tax penalties. Read more about these opportunities.

All projects must be less than 20MW in nameplate capacity and must deliver power to either Portland General Electric or Pacific Power in Oregon.

Projects that would deliver power to Pacific Power and that are requesting an Energy Trust incentive greater than $150,000 must compete for Energy Trust funding. For more information about eligibility and the competitive funding process, contact Chris Dearth at 503.459.4071.

Follow these steps to pursue a commercial-scale wind turbine installation:

Step 1: Do Your Homework 

Commercial wind projects are complicated projects that require a substantial investment of time and funds. Before beginning a project, potential project owners should, at the very least, develop a full understanding of project development and finance, wind resource at the site, project costs, yearly expenses, permitting requirements, interconnection, and power purchase agreements.

Step 2: Get the help you need. Depending on your project's complexity, you may need to commission a feasibility study or get expert assistance to move through permitting or utility interconnection. Energy Trust may provide up to $40,000 in support for these and other types of project development activities, and we can help you identify engineers or other experts with experience in the area where you need assistance. Additional project development assistance resources up to $150,000 per project may be available on a competitive basis.

  • To apply for this kind of assistance from Energy Trust, applicants must complete and submit an Energy Trust Project Enrollment Application (Form 910E – PDF | Doc) and a Request for Funding (Form 930RF – PDF | Doc).
  • If the application is approved, the participant will receive a "Project Enrollment Approval Notice" and a copy of the approved funding request from Energy Trust. The participant will also be required to submit a Substitute W-9 (PDF) at that time.
  • If you are chosen to receive assistance from Energy Trust, you and your selected consultant will work together to complete the pre-approved work by its deadline.
  • After the work is completed, the participant submits required documentation (described in the 930RF) including proof that the work was completed and the consultant(s) were paid in full.

Step 3:  If your project is feasible, you can apply for an incentive from Energy Trust. Incentive funds are subject to budget constraints and may be awarded by competitive bid. Contact Chris Dearth at Energy Trust at 503.459.4071 for more information. A complete project application must be received before construction begins. For projects that receive funding, payment begins upon project completion. In most cases, Energy Trust makes payments over the first few years of a project's operating life, contingent upon its electricity production.

Use the following project enrollment forms to apply for Energy Trust cash incentives. For more information, including incentive application assistance, email Chris Dearth or call 503.459.4071.

Project Development Assistance Forms

  • Form 910E (PDF | Doc): Project Enrollment Application
  • Form 930RF (PDF | Doc): Request for Funding

Forms for Wind Project Applications