Personalized Solutions To Help You Save More

Energy Trust offers a wide array of technical services that can help to identify ways to lower your energy and operating costs, and raise property appeal.

No-Cost Walkthrough Survey

An Energy Trust advisor can provide a free walkthrough survey to identify opportunities for energy-efficiency upgrades that qualify for cash incentives. Your advisor can help you determine where the largest savings potential exists at your property, including annual savings estimates and projected 5-year cumulative savings. Begin by filling out our Enrollment Agreement.

We will review your floor and attic insulation, windows, water heating system, clothes washers and lighting to help you find the best place to start saving. Access to both the attic and crawl space is necessary to determine insulation levels in each area.

Custom Solutions

For larger properties with complex systems, an Energy Trust advisor can provide a free site evaluation and custom energy-savings action plan to recommend energy-efficiency upgrades, estimated energy savings, costs, qualifying cash incentives and payback timelines.

Helping residents stay comfortable while saving money and energy can result in higher resident satisfaction. Call us and we’ll come to your property and install energy-efficient LED lighting, showerheads and faucet aerators in each dwelling. To help residents save even more, we’ll leave advanced power strips for residents to connect to their entertainment equipment. There is no charge for the products or the labor.

Efficiency Minute Videos

Learn valuable tips for saving energy and money at your multifamily property by watching these one-minute videos:

+Contact an Energy Trust advisor to learn more about how you can benefit from equipment upgrades, cost-saving programs and available cash incentives for owners and property managers at 877.510.2130 or email.