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Energy Trust of Oregon is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping utility customers benefit from saving energy and generating renewable energy. As a customer of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural, Cascade Natural Gas or Avista you are eligible for services and cash incentives from Energy Trust to help you save energy and money. To improve Energy Trust and utilities' ability to serve and assist customers with energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions, the Oregon Public Utility Commission recently amended the administrative rules governing how utilities and Energy Trust share customer information.

By completing the form below, you are indicating that you do not want Energy Trust to contact you directly for marketing purposes by mail, email or phone about energy-saving opportunities for your home or business. If you decide to participate with Energy Trust in the future, we may contact you with information relevant to your project. Please note it may take up to four weeks to process this request.

What information will my utility share with Energy Trust of Oregon?

Electric customers using less than one average megawatt of electricity and non-industrial gas customers (likely applies to all residential customers and small to medium size businesses): Your utility will provide Energy Trust your name, address, and basic information regarding your energy use, such as utility account number, historical usage, heat type and rate type.

Large electric customers (those using more than one average megawatt): Your utility will provide your business name, address and whether you are using self-direct credits. If you have already worked with Energy Trust, your utility will also provide information consistent with your participation agreement with Energy Trust.

Industrial or other gas customers who do not pay a public purpose charge: Your utility will provide Energy Trust only with your business name, service address, utility rate schedule and account number.

What information will my utility not share with Energy Trust?

The information that is being shared with Energy Trust will be solely used to improve customer service and help Energy Trust provide you with energy-saving and renewable energy solutions. This information will not include such things as:

  • Social security numbers
  • Billing and payment history
  • Credit information
  • Tax identification numbers
  • Driver license numbers
  • Any medical information
Will this information be protected?

Yes. This data will only be shared with Energy Trust via a secure data transfer protocol. In other words, your data is secured and password-protected. Energy Trust is required by the Oregon Public Utility Commission to hold this information in strict confidence.

How will Energy Trust use my information?

Energy Trust will use this information only to design, evaluate and improve service to customers. This may include contacting utility customers and conducting outreach activities to inform them of Energy Trust cash incentives and services. Energy Trust does not and will not telemarket to residential customers.

If there are multiple names on my household account, do each of us need to submit a separate form to make sure we are not contacted for marketing purposes?

No. When you complete this form, you are doing so for all contacts on your utility account.

However, if someone from your household has contacted Energy Trust in the past, and they are not listed as a responsible party on your account, Energy Trust may still contact them for marketing purposes unless they also complete this form.

If I represent a business that does not wish to be contacted for marketing purposes, will my request stand for the whole business, or will others at my place of business also need to complete the form?

When you complete this form for a business account, you are doing this on behalf of your entire business. In other words, you are indicating that no one in your business wants to be contacted by Energy Trust. If your business has worked with Energy Trust previously, an Energy Trust representative may still follow up with the contact at your business who worked on the Energy Trust project.

I got two notices about new data sharing rules, one from my electric utility and one from my gas utility and I do not want to be contacted by Energy Trust for marketing purposes. Do I need to submit multiple forms to Energy Trust?

No. If you do not want Energy Trust to contact you with information about programs and services, submitting one “do not contact” request form is sufficient. Energy Trust will honor it as an overarching preference applicable to both utility accounts. Please note that if you are a residential customer and a representative of a separate business with a separate account, your preference will not carry over to the business account, and vice versa. When you submit a “do not contact” request to Energy Trust, you are doing so as an individual or business.

All fields required unless otherwise specified

You only need to complete this form one time, with one utility account number, even if you receive a notice from both your electric and gas utility.

*As they appear on your utility bill