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How do I start a Solarize project in my neighborhood or community?

If there isn’t an active Solarize project in your community, you could be the spark to get it started. Begin by contacting your local government, neighborhood association or other community-based organization to express your interest in helping your community go solar. The first Solarize project took root with just one person who took the initiative to plant the seed.

Check out the Solarize Guidebook for advice and pointers on how to structure a project and feedback gathered from other Solarize projects.  

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What rebates or incentives are available for solar?

Energy Trust of Oregon provides solar electric cash incentives for Oregon customers of Portland General Electric and Pacific Power.

Some public utility districts and electric co-ops also offer solar rebates.

Tax credits, which may be combined with Energy Trust incentives, are available from the Oregon Department of Energy and the federal government.

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Can I receive an incentive for buying an EPS home, ENERGY STAR® home or for the energy-efficient equipment in my newly built home?

Energy Trust works with builders to help them build more energy-efficient homes, and pays incentives directly to the builder to help reduce the cost of including energy-efficient equipment and building techniques. This cost reduction may be passed along to homebuyers in the form of a reduced sale price. However, you may be eligible for cash incentive for new appliances if they were purchased separately from the home.

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Do I need to have an energy assessment done before I can receive Energy Trust incentives?

No. If you know what energy-saving improvements you want to make, you can hire a trade ally or a licensed contractor to do the work and help you apply for cash incentives. However, if you need help deciding which improvements will save the most energy in your home, we invite you to start with our free online Home Energy Review

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How much does solar cost?

For a solar electric system, the cost depends on the size of the system and the ease of installation, use our solar calculator see how much solar might cost.

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Does solar work in Oregon?

Yes! Over 10,000 Oregon homes and businesses have installed solar electric systems. Hundreds of those are in Portland. The Willamette Valley gets as much sun annually as the national average.

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If I install my own insulation can I receive a cash incentive?

You can install your own attic/ceiling and floor insulation and apply for an incentive as long as you follow Energy Trust installation guidelines. Wall insulation must be installed by a qualified contractor to be eligible for incentives. 

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Does Energy Trust recycle appliances other than refrigerators and freezers?

No. We offer free pickup and incentives for working fridges and freezers only. To recycle other appliances or non-working fridges or freezers, contact your local waste management provider. In the Portland metro area, call Metro Recycling Information at 503.234.3000 or visit their website.

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How is Energy Trust funded?

Energy Trust services are funded by customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural and Cascade Natural Gas through a small percentage charge on their utility bills. To learn more about our funding structure, click here.

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Who is Energy Trust?

Energy Trust of Oregon is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping utility customers invest in and benefit from energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy. Energy Trust began serving Oregonians in 2002 and expanded into southwest Washington in 2009.

Our services and cash incentives help utility ratepayers make improvements to save energy and manage costs in their homes, businesses and communities.

To learn more about Energy Trust, click here.


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