Savings Within Reach

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Put savings within your reach with Energy Trust cash-back incentives

Savings Within Reach makes it even easier for moderate-income households to make energy-efficiency upgrades and participate with Energy Trust—helping you save money on energy-efficiency home improvements that can make your home healthier and safer.

By working with a participating contractor who installs qualifying improvements in your home, you can reduce out-of-pocket expenses by receiving increased cash incentives that are deducted upfront from your invoice. View the three steps to participate.

Who can participate in Savings Within Reach

  • Oregon residents living in a single-family home. Please note: For rental properties, the homeowner or property owner must approve the energy-efficiency improvements before work begins.
  • Residence must be heated with electricity or natural gas provided by Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural or Cascade Natural Gas.
  • Your household must meet Energy Trust's moderate-income guidelines, which are based on the number of residents and gross annual income—your total income before tax credits and deductions—of the home.

Savings Within Reach moderate-income guidelines

  Gross annual income
Household size Minimum Maximum
1 resident $20,035 $27,075
2 residents $27,515 $36,425
3 residents $34,996 $45,775
4 residents $42,475 $55,125
5 residents $49,955 $64,475
6 residents $57,435 $73,825
7 residents $64,915 $83,175
8 residents $72,395 $92,525
Each additional resident $7,480 $9,350