ENERGY STAR® Challenge for Industry in Oregon

Energy Star ChallengeEnergy Trust of Oregon is a co-sponsor in the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry, a national call-to-action for manufacturers to reduce the energy intensity of their production and operations by 10% within five years.

Are you up to the Challenge?
If your company has been looking for a way to kick-off your energy savings program or demonstrate your leadership in reducing energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, ENERGY STAR could be your answer. ENERGY STAR provides a highly credible and recognized path for recognition at the national level by the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and here in Oregon through Energy Trust.

If your organization has not yet joined ENERGY STAR, you must become an ENERGY STAR partner to join the challenge. There is no cost to your organization. Sign up today at

How can Energy Trust of Oregon help?

  • We provide administrative and technical support to make participation in the Challenge easy.
    • Energy Trust’s Production Efficiency program provides technical support and tools to help establish your current energy intensity and to verify savings as you reach towards your reduction goals.
  • We can help you achieve your goals.
    • Your assigned Production Efficiency Program Delivery Contractor will work with your site to identify efficiency opportunities, analyze savings and costs, access Energy Trust’s cash incentives and track your organization’s progress along the way.

Why participate?
Industrial facilities are built to do a job well, and energy plays a central role in getting it done. But rising energy costs can take much of the profit right out of the goods you produce. Improving your facility’s energy intensity by 10% can make a significant difference in your profitability and productivity. And being recognized as an industry leader in strategic and sustainable energy management offers many benefits beyond energy cost savings — corporate reputation, community relations, and employee morale.

Successful Challenge participants will be featured on the ENERGY STAR website and a letter will be sent to your company’s senior management. Energy Trust will coordinate with ENERGY STAR on local recognition and publicity for your actions.

+Find out more about the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry in Oregon.
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