Resources for Oregon Schools

Energy Trust of Oregon has classroom resources for teachers to engage students in learning about energy efficiency and renewable power, as well as solutions to help administrators begin increasing the energy efficiency of school buildings. In addition to energy cost savings, energy efficiency can help you reduce operating costs and extend your equipment life while creating healthier, more comfortable learning and work environments.

Funding for efficiency and renewable energy

We have been helping Oregon public and private schools invest in energy efficiency and renewable power since 2003. In coordination with the Oregon Department of Energy, we provide technical assistance, comprehensive energy assessments and cash incentives to help offset the cost of qualified energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects at schools.

Oregon public school districts can tap into low-cost financing through the Cool Schools initiative and other incentives available through the Oregon Department of Energy, Energy Trust and Oregon's consumer-owned electric utilities and Idaho Power.

Private schools in Oregon served by Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural and Cascade Natural Gas may be eligible for Energy Trust cash incentives, as well as Washington State private and public schools served by NW Natural.

Clean energy results for our schools

Since 2003, Energy Trust has invested more than $8.6 million in energy-efficiency projects at 1,050 public and private K-12 schools and facilities in Oregon. We have also provided more than $3.4 million for 64 solar electric and wind energy systems installed at 37 Oregon schools. In total, these schools have saved and generated more than 43 million kWh and saved more than 2 million annual therms—enough energy to power 3,800 homes and heat another 4,200 homes.

These projects helped schools save about $5 million on energy bills in 2015 alone, freeing up dollars for the classroom.

Energy education in schools

Students can learn about energy efficiency and water conservation through LivingWise with Energy Trust. LivingWise offers classroom curriculum, hands-on energy experiments and take-home energy-saving tools and activities that teach sixth-grade students how they can help their families save energy and money. Available to sixth-grade classes in Oregon schools served by Portland General Electric and Pacific Power, LivingWise is an effective way to learn and also meets Oregon State educational standards. To request LivingWise for your sixth-grade students call 1.888.438.9473 or visit

Teaching tools and other resources

Energy Trust provides the following resources* to engage students and families in learning about energy efficiency and sustainable energy choices: