Energy Calculators

Energy Trust has the following collection of calculators to help you determine what solutions are right for you, and how much money and energy you can save.

  • Home Energy Review
    Estimate your energy savings potential and generate a recommended list of improvements.
  • Pencil it Out™
    "Pencil It Out"™ will help you weigh the costs and benefits of your energy efficient project, project energy cost savings and evaluate the overall investment in energy efficiency. To use the tool, simply enter four values: Total Building Area, Cost, Financial Incentive and Estimated Energy Savings. "Pencil It Out" will automatically display the Building Owner Total Investment and Annual Net Present Value of future cash flows.
  • Solar Calculator
    Does solar make sense for you? Do the math here with our solar calculator. It's an interactive tool designed to help you estimate how much it will cost to install a solar electric system for your home and how much electricity you can expect to produce.
  • Refrigerator Retirement Savings Calculator
    Calculate the money and energy your old fridge is costing you.