Understanding Changes to Oregon's Energy Tax Credits

New state legislation amended, sunset and created a number of tax credit programs administered by the Oregon Department of Energy. We understand that state tax credit changes could impact your energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects in progress or under consideration.

Energy Trust cash incentives continue to be available to Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural and Cascade Natural Gas customers investing in qualifying energy-efficiency and renewable power projects.

The Oregon Department of Energy has information on the state energy tax credit changes on its website. If you have questions about a project application, please email or call the Oregon Department of Energy at 1.800.221.8035.

We will continue coordinating with the Oregon Department of Energy to provide you with information during the transition to the new state energy tax credit programs.

Resources and updates

Business Energy Tax Credit replaced with Energy Incentive Program: The Business Energy Tax Credit program was changed significantly and is being replaced with a new program, the Energy Incentive Program, for conservation, renewable energy and transportation projects. Visit the Oregon Department of Energy's web page for businesses.

Residential Energy Tax Credit modified: The legislation eliminated tax credits for some appliances such as dishwashers, clothes washers, refrigerators, plus air conditioning and boilers. Amendments to the program were effective January 1, 2012. Visit the Oregon Department of Energy's website.

Summary of House Bill 3672: The Oregon Department of Energy has a summary of the legislation on its website.