Power your operation with energy savings

Public + Nonprofit

Energy-efficiency and renewable energy improvements are right in line with the purpose of public and nonprofit organizations—to serve others. Reducing energy costs frees funds for important projects, and demonstrates your good stewardship of taxpayer or contributor dollars.

Equipment Upgrades and Remodels

Pub Dallas School

Energy Trust of Oregon offers cash incentives on the installation of qualified energy-efficient equipment that can help you reduce energy use and lower operating costs. The savings you realize on energy costs go straight to your bottom line. And many upgrades pay back their investment in three to five years or even less.

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New Construction, Major Renovations, Tenant Improvements and Additions

Santo Community Center

If you're building for high-performance, energy efficiency needs to be a priority. That's why Energy Trust offers cash incentives and resources for addressing energy use in all phases of the design and construction process—helping you maximize your return on investment and ensure low operating costs for years to come.

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Energy Trust also offers technical services and cash incentives for irrigation districts as well as water and wastewater treatment facilities.