Small Wind

If you live on rural land in a windy area, generating clean, renewable energy from the wind may be a good long-term option. Small wind turbines can help rural homeowners, farmers, ranchers and other property owners with wide-open spaces where the wind can blow freely. And with Energy Trust cash incentives, plus state and federal tax credits, it's possible to offset a high percentage of the cost of a turbine in the very best case.

Are you eligible?

To be feasible, the small wind turbine installation site must:

  • Be at least one acre in size
  • Be located within about 1,500 feet of a utility's electrical meter (closer is better)
  • Tower height must be a minimum of 70 feet and maximum of 180 feet
  • Average yearly wind speed should be 10 mph higher
  • Be connected to the local electric utility grid

You must be an Oregon customer of Portland General Electric or Pacific Power.

Getting started

Identify a contractor who can:

  • Further assess the wind quality at your site and determine if a small wind turbine makes sense
  • Recommend a small wind system for your needs
  • Provide a system quote that estimates annual power generation and your costs after Energy Trust incentives and state and federal tax credits
  • Discuss your community's approach to zoning and permitting. Cities, counties and other jurisdictions have requirements that relate to setback, tower height and other issues that may affect your project.
  • Help you apply for cash incentives and state and federal tax credits
  • Install an eligible small wind system to serve your home or business

Need more information?

See the following pages for detailed information, resources and calculators:

If you still have questions please call us at 1.866.368.7878 or email our small wind team.