ENERGY STAR products

There's one way to be sure you're purchasing an energy-efficient appliance for your home: Just look for the blue ENERGY STAR label when you shop. Whether you're replacing your old clothes washer, buying stylish appliances for your kitchen or stocking up on light bulbs, high-quality, technologically-advanced ENERGY STAR products can save you money year after year.

Energy Trust offers cash incentives and guidance to help you choose the right energy-efficient products for your home. Click any option to learn more and get started:

  • New clothes washers
    Get $75 cash back on premium-efficiency ENERGY STAR certified front-load clothes washers with an IMEF of 2.38.
  • Appliance recycling
    Recycle your old refrigerator, freezer or clothes washer, get a free pickup and $30 cash back.

More resources to help you make smart product and energy-saving decisions: