Evaluate Your Home

Energy-saving opportunities

Evaluate Your Home

Most homes can be made more energy efficient—it's all about knowing where to begin and determining what fits within your budget. Energy Trust provides cash incentives to help complete your improvement projects. Options to evaluate your home and find ways to save energy and money include:

Online: An easy 10-minute online evaluation of your home’s energy use

Use this free, easy tool that takes less than 10 minutes to complete. You'll receive:

  • An estimated calculation of your home's energy use
  • A custom profile detailing next steps for improvements you can make at your own pace
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At Your Home: If your home was built before 1980, this free visual assessment conducted by an Energy Trust energy advisor may be right for you

Walkthrough surveys are recommended for homes built before 1980. Have a trained Energy Trust energy advisor visit your home for a one-to-two hour walkthrough and you'll receive:

  • A prioritized list of recommendations you can make at your own pace, based on visual observations
  • Information about Energy Trust cash incentives and available tax credits
  • Energy-saving products to help you start saving instantly
  • Referrals to local Energy Trust trade ally contractors who can help install your improvements
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By Phone: Spend 20 minutes on the phone with an Energy Trust energy advisor

Talk to an energy advisor to learn about energy-saving opportunities for your home. After a 20-minute conversation, you'll receive:

  • Custom recommendations based on your goals for comfort and cost savings
  • Referrals to local Energy Trust trade ally contractors who can help install your improvements
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Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® assessment: An in-depth analysis of your home conducted by a specially trained contractor. Costs vary by contractor.

For the most in-depth analysis, move forward with a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR assessment. This comprehensive three-to-four-hour home assessment is led by a specially trained contractor who uses diagnostic state-of-the-art equipment to assess, test and evaluate all components of your home's health, safety and energy performance. Cost varies per Home Performance contractor. You'll receive:

  • A detailed energy consumption report
  • A comparison of what you pay now to what you could be paying when your home runs at peak performance
  • Custom recommendations for improvements that can cut up to 30 percent of your heating, cooling and water heating costs
  • A list of available cash incentives and tax credits for energy-saving improvements to your home
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