Plan your smart home improvements with a Home Energy Review.

Up to 60 percent of energy used to heat and cool homes can be lost due to leaky ducts, inefficient equipment, poor insulation and air leaks. If your home was built before 1980, scheduling an in-home, no-cost Home Energy Review from Energy Trust is a great first step toward saving money and increasing your home's energy efficiency.

Our free review will indicate how to use less energy while making your home more comfortable, healthy and safe. Please note that a homeowner must request the Home Energy Review and be present during the review.

Schedule a Home Energy Review

Getting started

Learn more about what to expect during and after your Home Energy Review. Then, request an appointment online or call 1.866.368.7878.

Who can participate?

Oregon customers heating their homes primarily with electricity or natural gas provided by Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural or Cascade Natural Gas and Washington customers heating their home primarily with gas provided by NW Natural are eligible to participate. Homes not using electricity or natural gas as the primary heat source are eligible for select incentives.

Energy Trust also provides services for:

Multifamily property owners

We can help you improve the energy efficiency of your properties by starting with a free building assessment—call 1.877.510.2130 for complete information. You can get valuable cash incentives and assistance with Oregon Business Energy Tax Credits for energy-saving improvements in your duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes and multifamily properties. We help make installation affordable, leading to lower maintenance costs year-round, increased resale value and improved tenant retention.


Most improvements require your landlord's permission to install. See our low-cost, no-cost energy-saving tips to learn how you can save energy and make the case to your landlord.

Oil-heated homes

Oregon customers of Portland General Electric and Pacific Power living in homes heated with oil, propane, kerosene, butane or wood may be eligible for weatherization incentives through the Oregon Department of Energy's SHOW (State Home Oil Weatherization) program. We offer the following incentives for SHOW program participants receiving electricity from PGE or Pacific Power: