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You depend on appliances to make your life easier and more convenient. Today's high-efficiency models are designed to do just that, while also helping you save energy and lower your monthly bills.

Choose ENERGY STAR® models to save energy and water, plus get cash back from Energy Trust on qualified clothes washers. Check out our complete listings of qualified clothes washers. Select from the options below to learn more or explore our frequently asked questions to better understand the terms and conditions.

Are you a renter?

Talk with your landlord, property manager or property owner about Energy Trust appliance solutions and cash incentives. For more ways to save energy while you rent, check out our list of no-cost and low-cost tips to make your place more comfortable while saving energy and money.

Are you a building or property owner?

Click here to learn about cash incentives for new multifamily buildings or click here to learn about incentives available for upgrading the appliances in your existing complex. 

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