Terms and Conditions of Appliance Recycling Service

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible to participate in the Appliance Recycling Service, Participant must be an Oregon electric service customer of Portland General Electric or Pacific Power. Incentives are payable to the recycled unit’s owner. If incentive cannot be paid to the owner, Energy Trust of Oregon will ask for proof of conservatorship, relationship or other authorization documentation prior to releasing the incentive to the owner’s representative. Appliances eligible for recycling include refrigerators, freezers and clothes washers, with the following qualifications: refrigerators or freezers must be in working condition and be between 10 to 30 cubic feet in size; clothes washers must be of normal household size and in working condition with all parts intact. Smaller or larger refrigerators or freezers and/or units that are not working will not be accepted for pickup.

Energy Trust will pay incentives for recycling up to the following limits:

  • For single-family home properties: a maximum of three total units of any appliance type per property
  • For multifamily home properties: a maximum of two total units of any appliance type per residential unit
  • For business properties (non-residential properties): a maximum of five total units of any appliance type per business property

Participant agrees and understands that Energy Trust has the right to refuse any unit pickup if there is a belief of fraudulent or suspicious activity.

For rental properties and business properties, prior to scheduling pickup Participant must submit a W-9 if the payment is addressed to a business, business owner or landlord of the property from which the unit(s) will be removed.

TAX LIABILITY: Energy Trust is not responsible for any tax liability, which may be imposed on the Participant as a result of payment of any incentives. Energy Trust is not providing tax advice, and any communication by Energy Trust is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code.

ENERGY INFORMATION RELEASE: Participant will allow Energy Trust access to electric and natural gas utility account and usage information for the physical address of the property from which the unit was removed. Participant agrees to provide other reasonable assistance to Energy Trust to obtain such information. Participant also acknowledges that Energy Trust will treat all information about services provided and Participant’s resulting energy savings as confidential, but may report such information in the aggregate as part of reporting or other documentation regarding its programs.

DISCLAIMER/NO LIABILITY: Participant understands that, while Energy Trust is providing the incentive payment(s), Energy Trust is not supervising work performed for Participant nor is Energy Trust responsible in any way for proper product removal or completion of that work. Energy Trust provides incentives to assist participation in energy-efficiency improvements. Energy Trust does not guarantee any particular energy-savings results by its approval of the incentive payment(s) or by any other of its actions. Energy Trust will not be held responsible for any claims made regarding the amount of the incentive and the eligibility of the removal.