Energy-saving help for renters

You may not own your home, but it’s easy to make it more comfortable. Save money and use less energy with a few easy low-cost and no-cost changes.

Duct Insulation

Make the case to your landlord. If you rent an older house, condo or apartment, talk to your property manager. Larger improvements like insulation, energy-efficient heating equipment and high-efficiency windows could be an attractive investment for your landlord and further reduce your energy costs. Many energy-efficiency improvements qualify for Energy Trust cash incentives and state energy tax credits, which can make them much more affordable.

Attend a workshop. Portland-area renters can take advantage of free weatherization workshops hosted by the Community Energy Project. These hands-on workshops are open to everyone and cover low-cost energy-saving techniques, how to install draft-stopping materials and window kits, and where to find more resources. Weatherization materials are free to income-qualified households. Visit to learn more.

Investigate other resources: Oregon Housing and Community Services offers special weatherization programs for renters who meet income guidelines, but your landlord must agree to have the work done.

Do you rent a manufactured home? Learn more about our energy-saving improvements you can receive at no cost, plus additional upgrades that can qualify for cash-back incentives from Energy Trust.

Looking to buy an energy-efficient home? Energy Trust Real Estate Professional allies can help you find a high-performing home. They can also direct you to resources for making energy-efficient improvements to any home you buy.