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Trade Ally

Energy Trust's trade allies are our valued ambassadors in the field. Our network of more than 1,450 independent contractors and 950 allied professionals helps homeowners, businesses, public and nonprofit entities, developers and others complete energy-efficiency and renewable power projects across Oregon and in southwest Washington. Quite often, trade allies are the first, last and only Energy Trust representative a customer will see.

Already part of our Trade Ally Network?

Find everything you need to build and maintain a mutually successful relationship with us here—your one-stop source for:

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Want to become a trade ally?

Energy Trust trade allies secure a large portion of the projects for which we provide incentives—and most of our programs have an ongoing need for qualified professionals committed to high-quality work and excellent customer service. Joining our network is a great way to:

  • Benefit your business through cash incentives, visibility for your business through our contractor listings, training opportunities, technical assistance, promotional materials and publicity
  • Provide cash back to your customers on projects you complete
  • Broaden your business offerings to include energy-efficiency or renewable energy technologies and techniques

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