New Homes

Opportunities for builders of efficient single-family homes

Energy Trust’s New Homes program works with builders to design, construct, test, certify and market energy-efficient new homes.

Working with Energy Trust makes excellent business sense for builders:

  • Bolster your bottom line by meeting rising homebuyer demand for efficient homes
  • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce callbacks by providing a performance-tested home
  • Enhance your reputation as a quality builder of homes that cost less to operate
  • Distinguish your business by offering third-party verified homes which meet vital construction requirements and earn an EPSTM
  • Stand out from the competition with a listing on our New Homes trade allies page

Supporting your success

Trade ally builders are eligible to receive cash incentives, technical support and training. Our online training modules offer a great place to start. Look over the benefits of becoming a trade ally builder today, or contact the New Homes trade ally coordinator at 1.877.283.0698 for more information. Here’s a sampling of the many valuable resources available to trade ally builders.


When you are ready to build an energy-efficient home, get the support you need by selecting an approved verifier. Verifiers offer technical support, project modeling and advice on best practices. By consulting with a verifier early in the home-building process, you will be able to save time, money and prevent costly callbacks.

During construction, your verifier will review building components and confirm compliance with EPS requirements. Inspections must be scheduled at two different points: before installing drywall and at project completion.

Please note that you are responsible for initial communication and contracting with a third-party approved program verifier in order to qualify for incentives.

In addition, your project will need to be approved by a performance testing contractor to ensure that systems and equipment work as designed. Visit the contractor search tool for a program approved heating and cooling contractor in your area, or have your subcontractor contact the trade ally coordinator at 1.877.283.0698 to become a participating trade ally. 


EPS Incentives

Get scaled incentives based on verified energy-efficiency improvements above Oregon code. We have identified best practices in energy-efficient construction to help you maximize your construction efforts and your homebuyer's energy savings.

View the enhanced incentive options for building energy-efficient homes.

To qualify for Energy Trust incentives, projects must be sited within the Oregon service territories of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural or Cascade Natural Gas. Additional incentives are available for solar upgrades. To apply for incentives, contact an approved verifier in your area.

Solar Incentives

Incentives are also available for solar upgrades. To apply for incentives, contact an approved verifier in your area.

Equipment Incentives

Energy Trust supports your efforts to bring energy-efficient solutions into new homes. We offer cash incentives of up to $500 for qualified HVAC and water heater installations (only available for homes that do not receive an EPS).

To get started, visit our Equipment Incentives page, download the incentive application (Form 620OR), then complete and submit it to Energy Trust using the contact information listed on the bottom of the application.


In addition to following the performance based path of Energy Trust, builders can receive nationally recognized certification with ENERGY STAR®.

The Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes certification requirements are designed specifically for the Northwest market. Additional information on certification requirements and technical compliance options are available at Northwest ENERGY STAR.

LEED® certification offers builders a flexible array of sustainable features that address homebuyer demand for healthier indoor air, resource efficiency and environmental responsibility.

It is possible for a home to receive both an EPS and another certification. Approved verifiers provide on-the-ground support to assist builders in deciding which options will work to reach desired certification levels. Contact the trade ally coordinator at 1.877.283.0698 for more information.

Solar Upgrades

Builders of energy-efficient new homes can benefit by incorporating solar electric systems. Systems must be installed by an approved solar trade ally and meet Energy Trust requirements. For more information, contact the Solar program at 1.866.368.7878.

Solar ready option

A few simple steps during the design phase makes future solar installation much more cost-effective for homeowners. Energy Trust’s Solar Ready Installation Requirements and the Solar Ready Checklist are available as a technical resource to help you through the process.

This is a very attractive selling point to buyers interested in going solar down the line. Plus, if you build the home to meet Energy Trust solar ready installation requirements with third-party verification, you can qualify for a solar ready incentive of up to $200.