EPS for Builders

EPSTM is a tool that helps define a home's energy consumption, utility costs and carbon footprint. It allows homebuyers to easily compare homes based on energy costs and efficiency.

Builders + EPS = Incentives

Energy Trust offers performance-based incentives to builders whose homes exceed Oregon code and earn an EPS.

To qualify, you will need to follow the simple application process, outlined below. Remember, the best time to begin the process is during the home’s design phase.

How to Apply for an EPS

  1. Submit your home plans to a program-approved verifier for project modeling and advice on best practices. Click here to search for a verifier in your area.
  2. Your verifier will use energy modeling software to estimate the energy savings of the home. Then, the verifier will estimate your incentive amount. By working with your verifier to select additional energy-efficiency measures, you can improve the home’s EPS and earn more incentives.
  3. Your verifier will inspect your home and perform diagnostic tests to evaluate energy performance.
  4. Once the home has been built and verified, your verifier will update the project model with inspection details and performance results, confirm your incentives and issue the final EPS.

EPS is a great way for builders to earn incentives by building more efficient homes. Contact your verifier to get started.