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Energy Savings for NW Natural Customers in Washington

Cash incentives available for homes and businesses

Select Energy Trust services, resources and gas-only cash incentives are available to NW Natural customers in Washington to help save energy and money on your energy bills. Learn more about Energy Trust or get started below to find cash incentives and services for your home or existing commercial building.

Enjoy a more comfortable, energy-efficient home.

With help from Energy Trust of Oregon, it’s now easier than ever to upgrade the efficiency of your home.

We make it easy for homeowners to schedule a Home Energy Review, get cash incentives for qualifying gas energy-efficiency improvements, and find qualified contractors to do the work.

Evaluate your home's energy use

North West Natural Washington

To find out how to get started improving your home’s energy efficiency, use our do-it-yourself online home energy profile tool. Evaluate Your Home today.

You can also talk to an energy advisor by phone to get custom recommendations for your home, or schedule a Home Energy Review for a one-hour walkthrough of your home. An Energy Trust advisor will install instant energy-saving products and visually assess typical areas of energy loss.

Already know which improvements your home needs?

Washington-licensed trade ally contractors, suppliers and installers are insured and specially trained on the latest energy-efficiency standards. They can complete qualifying Energy Trust projects, from heating and cooling systems to weatherization, helping your home work at peak performance while using the least energy. Your contractor can also help you fill out Energy Trust applications needed to get cash incentives.

Get cash back

For the following eligible energy-efficiency home improvements:

Boost your business with energy efficiency.

North West Natural Washington

Energy efficiency is one of the best investments you can make for your business because it puts you in better control of a growing operating expense. Many energy-efficient improvements will pay for themselves in three to five years or even less after receiving Energy Trust incentives. After that, the savings go straight to your bottom–line, helping you boost profits, while improving comfort for employees and customers.

We are pleased to offer cash incentives to Washington business customers of NW Natural for the following qualified natural gas upgrades:

Custom incentives for existing commercial buildings

Energy-efficient equipment not listed may still be eligible for custom incentives of up to 50 percent of the incremental cost between standard and high-efficiency equipment, not to exceed $1.00/annual therm saved.

Projects eligible for custom incentives typically require an engineering study or other technical assistance in the project design process. All equipment purchases must receive pre-approval from the program to qualify for custom incentives. To begin this process, please complete and submit an Energy Assessment Request form. A program representative will work with you through each step of the process.

Find a contractor

Check our list of contractors who are licensed in Washington, insured and trained on the latest energy-efficiency technologies. Energy Trust contractors can install your qualified upgrade and help you complete the application for your cash incentive. Search by your address, city or zip code to find contractors in your area.