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Energy Savings for NW Natural Customers in Washington

Cash incentives available for homes and businesses

Select Energy Trust services, resources and gas-only cash incentives are available to help NW Natural residential and business customers in Washington save energy and money.

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We make it easy for homeowners to evaluate their home with a Home Energy Review, get cash incentives for qualifying gas energy-efficiency improvements, and find qualified contractors to do the work.

To find out how to start improving your home’s energy efficiency, get a free online Home Energy Review or give us a call at 1.866.368.7878.

On-Bill Repayment

Make energy-efficient upgrades now with easy, low-cost financing repaid through your NW Natural bill. Learn more.

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For the following eligible energy-saving home improvements:

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Check our list of contractors who are licensed in Washington, insured and trained on the latest energy-efficiency standards. They can complete qualifying projects and help you fill out the Energy Trust forms needed to get cash incentives for the gas-only upgrades listed above. Search by your address or zip code to find contractors in your area.

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NW Natural Washington

Energy Trust is committed to helping your business work smarter and make the most of your money every day. Whether you run a flower shop or clothing store, a cozy cafe or bustling resort, a home-grown market or major distribution center, Energy Trust helps you identify energy-saving opportunities in your business that offer cash incentives.

If you're a business customer of NW Natural in Washington, you can get incentives from Energy Trust when you install qualifying natural gas upgrades. With cash incentives, you can reduce your upfront costs and make energy-efficiency improvements more affordable. And that's just the beginning. By installing upgrades that reduce energy use, you'll continue to save energy and money down the road.

Existing Buildings Custom Incentives

Other energy-efficient equipment may be eligible for custom incentives. Projects eligible for custom incentives typically require an engineering study or other technical assistance during the design process. All equipment purchases must be pre-approved by Energy Trust to qualify for custom incentives. In addition, a post-installation verification may be required.

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