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Rebuilding from Wildfires

Oregon communities recovering from devastating wildfires need long-term support to rebuild. We have programs and services that can support rebuilding with energy efficiency and solar energy in mind. Contact us to see if we can be a resource for your home, business or community as you rebuild.

Manufactured Home Replacement Pilot
Under a pilot, Energy Trust provides cash incentives to retire pre-1995 manufactured homes and replace them with energy-efficient new manufactured homes. Manufactured homeowners and park owners impacted by the fires may qualify for cash incentives, based on funding availability and, for homes not in a nonprofit or resident owned cooperative, a requirement that funds from other public or private sources are contributing to the cost of the replacement. Additional funds from low-income weatherization programs or other agencies may be available.

New Commercial Construction
Energy Trust offers incentives and services for commercial customers planning a new construction project as well as renovations and additions. This includes early design assistance, energy studies and commissioning. The sooner energy efficiency is factored into an owner’s rebuilding plans, the greater the benefits.

New Home Construction 
We provide cash incentives to builders and owner-builders constructing homes that are built more efficient than the residential energy code. Any efficiency improvements in the home count toward a performance-based incentive, meaning the more efficient the home, the higher the incentive.

Solar and Solar + Storage
Communities rebuilding from fires or other natural disasters may choose to incorporate solar into their new construction projects. Another option is a solar + storage system that can keep homes, businesses and local governments running when the power goes out. Energy Trust offers incentives to lower the upfront cost of solar or solar + storage systems as well as incentives and technical assistance for incorporating solar into your new construction project from the beginning.

Energy Saving Upgrades and Improvements
Energy Trust offers information, cash incentives and contractor connections to help customers use less energy and generate solar power. For communities impacted by fires, the homes, multifamily properties and businesses that remain standing may require renovations, and community members may be seeking to lower energy bills or make homes and businesses more comfortable. Energy Trust can be a resource to determine which upgrades will be the most energy efficient and offer the largest