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Current offers and upgrades

a grocery store

Refrigerated Doors

Save $300 per linear foot of door

Replace aging refrigerated doors to better protect your products and avoid costly air leaks.

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a refrigerated grocery aisle

Cooler Cases with Doors

Save $190 per linear foot of door

Upgrade your display cases to new energy-efficient, remotely-controlled models.

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Strip Curtains

Save $10 per square foot

Improve temperature-controlled storage with new strip curtains.

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We help businesses run better

  • The first day after installing interior LEDs, customers commented that they could see our products better.
    Incentives Received: $27,000
    Yearly Est. Savings: $2,600

More offers and upgrades for your business

We’ve worked with over 100 businesses across Oregon.

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  • Polk Community Development Corporation
  • Oregon Berry Packing