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Electric Clothes Dryers

Energy Trust works with select retailers to provide benefits to customers purchasing ENERGY STAR® certified clothes dryers. These efficient models use about 20% less energy than standard models, helping you save money and energy without sacrificing features or performance.

Benefits available for customers purchasing from select retail locations will vary but may include price discounts at the time of purchase, improved financing options or other benefits. Contact a participating retail location to learn what specific benefits they are offering on efficient models.

If you own an individual condominium unit, townhome or plex property, visit our Multifamily page to view cash incentives for clothes dryers.

  1. Visit a retailer offering benefits on efficient clothes dryers.

    Just look for the Energy Trust logo in these retail locations to find qualifying models.

  2. Purchase a qualifying clothes dryer and receive price discounts, improved financing options or other benefits at the time of purchase.

Get a price discount, improved financing options, or other benefits at the time of purchase on select qualifying ENERGY STAR certified clothes dryers.

Offer is subject to funding availability and may change.

When shopping for an ENERGY STAR certified clothes dryer, consider the following:

  • Get the right size for your capacity needs. Consider how much laundry you do each week. The drum needs to be large enough to allow a full load from the washer to tumble freely, with enough room leftover for hot air to circulate. If you’re drying loads that are either too large or too small, it will take longer while also wasting energy.
  • Choose a model with a high Combined Energy Factor (CEF). The higher the CEF, the more energy efficient the clothes dryer.
  • The latest dryers offer increased functionality and performance. Look for models with energy-saving features such as moisture sensors, automatic cycle termination, delayed start and steam cycle.
I purchased a new clothes dryer. What benefits are available to me?

If you purchased a qualifying clothes dryer at one of the participating retail locations, you already received your benefit at the time of purchase. Make sure you check your receipt to match the address to a participating retailer.

If you purchased a qualifying clothes dryer but the location you purchased it from is not on the list of participating retail locations, there are no benefits available.

I purchased a qualifying clothes dryer from a participating retail location. How can I tell if I received a benefit on my purchase?

Benefits may vary depending on the retail location you made your purchase at. Some examples of benefits include price discounts, special financing, free delivery, reward points or other custom offers. If you are unsure what benefit you received, please reach out to the store to ask them for more information. Details will likely not appear on your receipt.

What benefits are available for clothes dryers purchased in Washington?

Energy Trust does not have benefits available for clothes dryers purchased in Washington.