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LED Grow Lights

$50–$250 instant discount

Energy Trust of Oregon offers incentives on LED grow lights for residential indoor agriculture. At participating retailers, customers will receive an instant discount at the time of purchase toward qualifying products—no need to submit paperwork to receive these incentives.

If you grow cannabis in a licensed business, visit our Horiticultural Lighting and Lighting Controls page  to view cash incentives for LED grow lights made for commercial use.

  1. Visit a retailer in Oregon offering instant discounts on qualifying products.

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    Just look for the Energy Trust logo in these stores to find qualifying models or ask a retail sales associate to help locate qualifying fixtures. Please note that online purchases do not qualify.

  2. Purchase products and receive the discount at the time of purchase. No coupons are required.

    Participating retail store locations and discounts are subject to change. To ensure availability, please call the participating store nearest you.

Light Fixture Instant Discount Requirements
Extra Small LED Grow Fixture (250–399 Watt Equivalent) $50


Small LED Grow Fixture (400–599 Watt Equivalent) $100


Large LED Grow Fixture (750–999 Watt Equivalent) $175


Extra Large LED Grow Fixture (1000+ Watt Equivalent) $250


Incentives are subject to funding availability and may change.

LED grow lights are more energy efficient and longer lasting than HID grow lights. HID grow lights include high-pressure sodium bulbs (HPS) and metal halides. See the table below for a comparison of each fixture type.

EquipmentEnergy UsageLifespanHeat OutputGrow Space Application Overall Costs
LED Grow LightsLow Longer Lifespan (7–15 Years)Low Heat OutputWork especially well in closets or small areas, but are suitable for many applications. Higher upfront cost with lower monthly expenses for operating costs due to energy efficiency. Longer lifespan with very infrequent replacement.
HID Grow LightsHighShorter Lifespan (12–18 Months)High Heat OutputRequire larger areas with open space with plenty of height above plants.Lower upfront cost with higher monthly expenses for operating costs. Shorter lifespan and quicker burnout requires frequent replacement.
What are the benefits of LED grow light fixtures?

LEDs produce as much as twice the light output for the same power consumption. LEDs last longer than HIDs so you replace them less often. LEDs run cooler than HIDs and require less ventilation, maintaining a healthy grow room temperature. LEDs typically come as compact, all-in-one fixtures, making them better for small spaces.

What kind of LED grow fixture do I need to purchase to qualify for an instant discount?

You’ll be able to find qualifying products by looking for Energy Trust signage at participating retailers. Stickers will be placed next to models that have our instant discounts applied, but you can also ask a retail sales associate to help you identify qualifying products.

How can I tell if I received an instant discount on my purchase?

If you purchased a qualifying product at one of the participating retailer locations, the price listed on your receipt already includes the discount. To confirm whether you received an instant discount, please check the store name and address from your receipt to match it to a location on our list of participating retailers.

Are there instant discounts for products that fall into the medium-wattage range?

There are no instant discounts for medium sized set ups (600-749 watt equivalent). A high percentage of medium sized setups are already more efficient than traditional high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting. Because fixtures of this size are often already more efficient, there are less savings from upgrading to LED grow fixtures.

Can I still claim an incentive if I do not buy qualifying products from a retailer offering instant discounts?

If you do not purchase your product at one of the participating retailer locations offering instant discounts, you cannot apply for a cash incentive from Energy Trust.

Are instant discounts available for LED grow fixtures purchased at retailers in Washington?

Instant discounts are only available at participating retailers in Oregon.

Are there other requirements I need to know?

Qualifying fixtures with instant discounts are intended for home growers in a residential setting and not for commercial use. Purchases are limited to 10 fixtures per transaction, and fixtures must be purchased at participating physical retail locations (no online sales). If you grow cannabis in a licensed business, visit our Industrial page to view cash incentives for LED grow lights made for commercial use.


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