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Get an assist from Energy Trust and receive incentives for projects that introduce commissioning early and incorporate it throughout the design and construction phase. You can expect fewer costly alterations, reduced occupant complaints and a building that functions at, and possibly above and beyond, expectations.

Commissioning Incentives

Design Review 50% cost share, up to $15,000

Incentives are subject to funding availability and may change.


Design Review Incentive Application (Form 520Cx-DR)

Customers must submit a completed copy of the Project Enrollment Application form prior to applying for incentives.


The commissioning process:
General Services Administration and Building Commissioning Process

Team roles and responsibilities:
The California Commissioning Collaborative has done an excellent job of outlining the various responsibilities within a typical commissioning team.

Owner’s project requirements:

  • This presentation from the Building Commissioning Association provides a guide to hosting an OPR workshop.
  • The University of Florida’s facilities department also offers an OPR template for further guidance.
  • While every project has its own unique OPR, there are many common elements that carry over. The ASHRAE Guideline 0-2013 Appendix D is a great reference to help guide OPR development.

Contract documents/RFP for commissioning services:
The Oregon Department of Energy has an example of what to include in a request for proposal for commissioning provider services.


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