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Energy Trust of Oregon has helped more than half a million homes and businesses throughout Oregon save energy or generate clean, renewable power.

With Energy Trust support, utility customers have saved $1.9 billion on their utility bills since 2002.

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Industry & Ag


Improve Your Home and Save Energy

We provide cash incentives and services for making energy-saving improvements in your home. We can even provide referrals to qualified contractors and help you decide if solar energy is right for you.

Success Story: Nestor Campos

Nestor’s home electric bills are now 60 percent lower—with an estimated annual savings of $660—thanks to improved insulation, sealed air links and an upgraded heat pump. “The house is so different. Now, it’s very comfortable,” said Nestor.


Controlling energy-related operating expenses is a priority for property managers. We can help with cash incentives for energy-efficient upgrades at existing multifamily properties with two units or more and for construction of new multifamily properties.

Success Story: ecoFLATS

By incorporating energy-efficient technology and solar panels through the Path to Net Zero offering for new buildings, this mixed-use building saves 10 percent in energy costs each year.


Take Control of Your Energy Costs

Manage energy use in your existing space or design efficiency into your next construction project with our technical assistance and cash incentives. Whether you’re a commercial business owner or design and construction professional, you can find opportunities for energy savings.

Success Story: Worthy Brewing

Working with two trade ally contractors who were able to connect the brewery with $61,300 in Energy Trust incentives, this Bend brewery uses solar electric and water heating in its high-performance building to enjoy annual energy cost savings of $11,000.


We work with manufacturers of all sizes and industries to realize energy savings year over year. For all of your energy projects—equipment and lighting to more complex enhancements to manufacturing processes—we can help you save energy and money.

Success Story: Sulzer Pumps

Acting on a corporate challenge to achieve savings of 3 percent in operations around the world, they made upgrades that save an estimated $99,000 annually on energy bills—far surpassing their goal by achieving 18 percent reduction through upgrades to lighting, roof insulation and heating systems.


We can help agricultural businesses reduce energy costs. We provide cash incentives for irrigation, greenhouse, nursery and other energy-efficient equipment you purchase directly from vendors.

Success Story: Bauman’s Farm & Garden

Rick Bauman knew he wanted to trim energy costs, and when his equipment supplier told him about Energy Trust’s services and incentives, he didn’t delay. The result? More than $26,000 in annual energy cost savings from insulated greenhouse walls and updated heating systems.

Participating Utilities

Energy Trust serves customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power,
NW Natural and Cascade Natural Gas in Oregon, and customers of NW Natural in Washington. Each of these utilities is committed to helping customers save energy, and many offer renewable energy options.

Our Participating Utilities