Energy Trust of Oregon 10 Year Anniversary

Learn more about milestones in Energy Trust of Oregon’s history, including the development of programs and services that help utility customers make energy-efficiency and renewable energy investments in their homes and businesses.

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Serving customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural and Cascade Natural Gas.

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Setting a vision for Oregon’s energy future
Working closely with Portland General Electric and Pacific Power to reach customers, Energy Trust sets out to fulfill a vision of Oregon's energy future. A future with more jobs, stronger business, lower energy costs, productive work environments, comfortable homes, a cleaner environment and energy sources that preserve Oregon’s resources and natural beauty for younger generations.
CoinsHeating duct
Customer Stories:
Brewery Blocks Solar
Portland, OR
Working for Oregonians, Building our energy future
In its first full year of operation, Energy Trust meets high-powered expectations and makes good progress toward 2012 Strategic Plan goals. Energy Trust helps customers of PGE and Pacific Power save or produce enough energy to power 23,000 homes for a year.
Customer Stories:
Kettle Foods
Salem, OR
Also: Jacquie Rozales, Fairview
Investing in Oregon’s energy future
Energy Trust builds upon start-up efforts and continues strong inroads toward long-term energy efficiency and renewable energy goals. With the help of trade allies, collaborating utilities and many other organizations, Energy Trust keeps its eye on the prize: investing in an environmentally sound and sustainable energy future for Oregon.
Customer Stories:
Bend, OR
Also: Boys & Girls Club, Albany
Creating Oregon’s energy future
In a year marked by rising energy costs and growing concerns about global warming, Oregonians demonstrate a deepening commitment to conserving energy and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Nearly 183,000 households and businesses participate with Energy Trust—investing in energy efficiency and renewable power—to create a bright energy future for Oregon.
Customer Stories:
Blue Mountain Community College
Pendleton, OR
Also: City of Gresham
Leading change
Energy Trust and its affiliated utilities lead change and help Oregonians make a difference—from Cannon Beach to Klamath Falls and Portland to Pendleton. By participating, Oregonians demonstrate that energy independence and environmental responsibility remain important Oregon values.
Customer Stories:
Guido and Vito’s Italian Eatery
Seaside, OR
Also: Zack Jones and Kym Garret, Bend
Our sights are set on a sustainable energy future
Growing concern about global warming and rising energy prices fuels a powerful “green wave” of action. With sights set on a sustainable energy future, Energy Trust helps 48,000 Oregonians take steps to save energy and tap into renewable power—our greatest defense against global warming.
Customer Stories:
Holden Wholesale Growers
Silverton, OR
Also: Andy and Kathy Kerr, Portland
Growing a sustainable energy future
In a year marked by economic recession, Oregonians continue to look to Energy Trust to help save energy and money and generate clean, renewable power in their homes, businesses and communities. Energy Trust invests $41 million to offset the costs of 59,000 energy-saving and renewable energy projects to benefit utility ratepayers. Most programs exceed annual goals in spite of the economic downturn.
Customer Stories:
Corvallis Fire Department
Corvallis, OR
Also: Villa Candalaria, Portland
Delivering energy solutions for Oregon
Energy Trust teams up with local governments, neighborhood groups and others to pool resources and expand energy-saving and renewable power investments around the state. Programs accelerate to meet aggressive savings and generation goals in a new five-year strategic plan, adopted in late 2009. Energy Trust’s work helps put Oregon at the forefront of national energy-efficiency leadership and helps Oregon acquire new federal funding
Customer Stories:
Bjornson Vineyard
Salem, OR
Also: Obsidian Middle School, Redmond
Getting more from our energy
The economy poses a formidable challenge for the Pacific Northwest, nationally and internationally. At Energy Trust, those challenges spur more innovative and affordable strategies for consumers and businesses to reduce energy costs and invest in renewable energy. The response is tremendous.
Mountainous background
River gorge, dam, wind surfer
Customer Stories:
Oregon Institute of Technology
Klamath Falls, OR
Also: Reese Electric, North Bend
A cleaner environment, a stronger economy, a better future
Innovative offers continue to attract and engage customers and spur them to take action in their homes and businesses. Energy Trust completes an unprecedented number of energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects, providing significant clean energy benefits for Oregonians and southwest Washingtonians. In 10 years of working together with utilities, contractors, customers and others, Energy Trust shapes a stronger environment and economy for Oregon.
Customer Stories:
Patrick and Rachel Lapé
Portland, OR
Also: Central Oregon Irrigation District, Bend
A decade of changing how we use energy
At Energy Trust, we believe in the additive power of collaboration. Through more than 10 years of investing together in conservation and renewable power, all of us—individuals, businesses, trade ally contractors, utilities and Energy Trust—have built a stronger Oregon. The progress is significant—competitive businesses, comfortable and productive environments in which to live and work and $2.1 billion added to our economy. It is the power of collaboration that will bring future possibilities into reality.
Customer Stories:
Timber Products
Medford and White City, OR
Also: June Key Delta, Portland
Energy Trust of Oregon 10 Year Anniversary

Energy Trust thanks PGE, Pacific Power, NW Natural, Cascade Natural Gas, the many trade and program allies that help us serve customers, and the many thousands of customers who have participated in our programs. Our progress in shaping a stronger environment and economy for Oregon is a shared story with you. Join us in imagining new possibilities—to ensure a more sustainable, local and brighter future for all.

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