Solar Assistance and Incentives

A journey of 92.96 million miles begins with a single step

Energy Trust of Oregon recognizes that some building owners simply don’t have the resources to invest in a complete solar system installation. This is why Energy Trust created incentives and technical assistance for owners who design solar-ready buildings: to bring solar power down to earth and make it a more attainable investment.

What is solar ready?
A solar-ready building is one designed to accommodate the future installation of solar panels and equipment. Leaving you free to complete your solar project when your time and budget allow.

The benefits of building solar ready
Designing your building to Energy Trust solar-ready standards offers a more modest initial investment than a complete solar system installation and can lower the cost of adding solar electric panels after construction is complete. Plus, a solar-ready design makes the future installation of equipment much simpler:

  • No changing roof structure
  • No opening walls for piping or conduit
  • No finding or creating space for added electrical components

But the benefits don't end there:

  • Earn incentives and technical support throughout the design process
  • Create a step-by-step plan for going solar
  • Make your building more marketable to tenants and buyers
  • Plug-and-play solar panels and equipment when the time is right for you
  • Maximize the size and performance of your future solar system

Support every step of the way

Energy Trust Commercial Solar Design Allies can guide you through the process of making your building solar ready. Energy Trust offers incentives and technical support at three distinct stages:

Solar Assessment
Determine the solar potential of your building design. Energy Trust offers technical support and up to a $2,000 incentive.

Solar-ready design
Prepare solar plans and specifications to use during the bidding process. Energy Trust offers technical guidance and up to a $5,000 incentive.

Solar-ready construction
Build to Energy Trust Solar Ready standards. Energy Trust offers technical assistance and up to a $15,000 incentive.

Click through the tabs below to read about eligibility requirements, how to contact Solar Design Allies, and download all the project forms you need.

The incentives and assistance available to your project will depend on what phase you are in. To get started, contact one of our New Buildings Outreach Managers at 1.877.467.0930.

Projects applying for solar assessment and design assistance, a preliminary solar incentive reservation or solar ready funding must have a project owner that is invested in the solar design process and committed to installing solar on the building at some point. In addition, the project must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • The project must be served by Portland General Electric or Pacific Power to receive incentives for electric measures.
  • The project must pay or plan to pay the public purpose charge.
  • The project site must be located in Oregon.
  • The project must be new construction, an addition to an existing structure, a major renovation to an existing structure or, for Preliminary Incentive Reservations only, a municipal project going through an extended RFP process.
  • The project must be a commercial, industrial, manufacturing or institutional building.
  • The Solar Ready features must meet Energy Trust's Solar Ready Design and Construction Requirements.

Eligible building types may include office, retail, healthcare and hospitals, warehouse or storage, restaurant, manufacturing, grocery, hotels and motels, public and private schools or colleges, mixed-use, multifamily residential and parking garages.

Incentives are not intended to influence consumer decisions on fuel sources.

  • Step 1: Contact a New Buildings Outreach Manager by email or at 1.877.467.0930 to discuss your project.
  • Step 2: If you haven’t already, complete a Project Enrollment form.
  • Step 3: Review our list of approved Solar Design Allies. These architects, engineers and designers are familiar with Energy trust’s technical installation standards and experienced in solar system design. They will be able to apply for preliminary solar incentives on behalf of your project. If your design team is interested in becoming Solar Design Allies, have them contact our Trade Ally Coordinator at 503.459.4070. 

Customers must submit a completed copy of the Project Enrollment Application form prior to applying for incentives.

Preliminary Solar Incentive Forms

  • Solar Electric Preliminary Incentive Application (PDF | Excel)

Solar Ready Forms and Templates