Fill a Fridge by Recycling Yours

Donate your incentive and provide up to 100 meals through Oregon Food Bank

Getting rid of an old fridge or freezer saves energy and can lower your bills by up to $150 a year. On top of those energy savings, from now through the end of the year, you can make an even bigger impact by donating your incentive to Oregon Food Bank.

90 meals from a single fridge

When you choose to recycle your old fridge or freezer, Energy Trust offers free pickup plus a $30 incentive. Now you have the opportunity to donate that incentive directly to Oregon Food Bank, which helps them acquire and distribute up to 90 meals to communities throughout Oregon. That’s something we can all feel good about.

A single call away

Energy Trust makes it easy to part ways with your old fridge or freezer. To donate your incentive to Oregon Food Bank, let us know when you call to schedule your pick up.

Schedule a Fridge Pickup *When you opt to donate your recycling incentive, you agree to the terms and conditions.

About your donation

Q: Is Energy Trust donating to Oregon Food Bank or am I? How does that work?
A: You are making the donation. Energy Trust has set up a process to give you the option to donate your $30 recycling incentive. If you choose to do so, we will send the incentive to Oregon Food Bank as a donation in your name. Oregon Food Bank will then send you a tax receipt for your donation.

Q. What will my donation do to help?
A. Donating your recycling incentive goes a long way. Oregon Food Bank can buy items at wholesale prices, which gives your donated dollars greater purchasing power. Some food items may include soups, canned chili, peanut butter, vegetables or canned fruits. Oregon Food Bank also purchases bulk items such as oats, rice, lentils and produce. Oregon Food Bank looks for items with the highest possible nutritional content when funding allows.

Q. How else can I help?
A. Oregon Food Bank greatly appreciates your donation. If you want to get more involved, visit to learn more about donations and volunteering.

About Oregon Food Bank

Oregon Food Bank helps nearly one in five households fend off hunger by distributing food from a variety of sources through a statewide network that includes its four branches (in Beaverton, Ontario, Portland and Tillamook), 17 independent regional food banks and approximately 960 partner agencies. These local programs provide food directly to people who are hungry in the form of emergency food boxes, which provide a 3-5 day supply of groceries, hot prepared meals, or supplemental food parcels. The Oregon Food Bank Network serves an average of 900,000 people a year. Last year, Oregon Food Bank distributed 49.5 million pounds of food to hunger-relief agencies.

Who is hungry in Oregon and Clark County, Washington?