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Budget and Action Plan

The 2022 Budget and 2022-2023 Action Plan outlines our strategies to help customers and communities save energy and generate renewable power, including new offers and approaches to reach people of color, low- and moderate-income customers and rural communities who may not have benefitted in the past. The budget and action plan details where we will invest utility customer funds to benefit renters, homeowners, businesses of all sizes, farms, ranches and schools across Oregon and Southwest Washington. Our 2022 organizational goals are to:

  1. Achieve savings and renewable generation goals while addressing the needs of customers who experience significant energy burden or are impacted by disaster events
  2. Expand support for community-led approaches to increase access to clean energy
  3. Create development capabilities that will allow us to increase funding to deliver more savings and generation and expand our ability to meet changing customer and utility system needs
  4. Implement new work strategies to adapt and thrive in our changing environment while supporting staff and managing operating costs

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is integrated into each goal and is reflected in all of our action plans.

Download the 2022 Budget and 2022–2023 Action Plan:

Benefits of our investments

Achieving the goals and strategies in this year’s budget and action plan will result in a wide range of economic and clean energy benefits including:

  • Cleaner air by avoiding 4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide
  • More access for diverse and rural communities
  • Lower energy bills and energy burden for participants—$802 million in future bill savings for participants
  • Opportunities for 1,900 local businesses and investments in workforce development
  • Local investments that keep dollars in our communities 

Highlights and Key Activities from our 2022 Budget and Action Plan

Watch recordings of the learning session presentations from our budget workshop in October, where staff go in-depth on key areas of focus from our 2022 action plan.

How we develop our annual budget and action plan

We solicit input from customers, the public, Oregon Public Utility Commission, utilities and other stakeholders to guide our programs and priorities in the coming year. With input from this public process, our board of directors reviews and approves our final budget and action plan by December 31 of each year. At that time, the budget is posted online.

The primary building blocks of our budget and action plan are our 2020-2024 Strategic Plan, market insights, each utility’s Integrated Resource Plan and other resource assessments. An Integrated Resource Plan is how utilities plan for the energy supply their customers will need over the next 20 years. Additional information for the budget is drawn from renewable resource assessments and Northwest Power and Conservation Council studies.

How is Energy Trust funded?

The vast majority of Energy Trust’s funding comes from customers of PGE, Pacific Power, NW Natural, Cascade Natural Gas and Avista in Oregon, and NW Natural customers in Washington. Energy Trust also holds small contracts with Energy Solutions for the state’s Community Solar Program, PGE for the utility’s smart battery pilot and NW Natural for a targeted load management pilot.