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HVAC and Water Heating

Energy Trust offers incentives for businesses that install qualifying natural gas upgrades like commercial water heaters and boilers. Incentives help reduce your upfront costs and make energy-efficiency improvements more affordable. Want to stretch every dollar? Bring us in.

Project Examples

Existing Buildings: Gas HVAC and Water Heating

Auto Shop

Project Type: Infrared Radiant Heaters
Project Cost: $26,600
Incentive: $3,200
Annual Savings: 2,100 kWh and 3,600 therms

Existing Buildings: Gas HVAC and Water Heating

Elementary School

Project Type: Steam Traps
Project Cost: $16,000
Incentive: $8,000
Annual Savings: 3,600 therms

  1. Check your eligibility.

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    Energy Trust provides cash incentives to businesses for energy-efficiency and renewable power projects. To qualify, you must:

    • Have a project site in Oregon served by Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural, Cascade Natural Gas or Avista and contribute to the public purpose charge. Check your bill or contact Energy Trust if you have questions.
    • Be improving an existing structure.
  2. Find a trade ally contractor.

    We can help you get started.

  3. Install equipment that meets the requirements listed in the Oregon Incentive Application.

    Confirm equipment requirements here.

  4. Submit documentation.

  5. Get your incentive.

    Note: A post-installation verification may apply.

Equipment Incentive
Infrared Radiant Heaters $5.50–$7/kBtu/h input
New Rooftop Unit (RTU) with Economizer $30/ton of cooling capacity
New RTU with Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) $29/ton of cooling capacity
New RTU with Variable Speed Supply Fan $100/ton of cooling capacity
Advanced Rooftop Controls (ARC) – Lite Retrofit $100/ton
Advanced Rooftop Controls (ARC) – Full Retrofit $50-$200/ton
Air-Cooled Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), Ducted, for Office $1/sq ft of area served by VRF
Steam Traps $0.40–$0.90/lb/hr of trap capacity
Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) $500 each
Commercial Tank Water Heater $3/kBtu/h input
Commercial Tankless Water Heater < 200 kBtu/h $300 each
Commercial Tankless Water Heater/Boiler ≥ 200kBtu/h $1/kBtu/h input
Commercial Condensing HVAC Boiler $3.25/kBtu/h input
Modulating Boiler Burner $5/kBtu/h of burner rated capacity
Hydronic Heating Circulator Pumps, Single Speed Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) $100-$300 each
Hydronic Heating Circulator Pumps, Variable Speed ECM $150-$750 each
Commercial Air-Source Heat Pumps - Retrofit $500/ton
Commercial Air-Source Heat Pumps – New or Replacement $150/ton

Ready to apply for standard incentives? Download general project forms. If you need guidance, just ask your trade ally contractor for assistance.

Custom Incentives

Energy Trust offers custom incentives for larger, more complex projects. Eligible participants can receive up to $500,000 per site, per year for qualifying projects. Learn more about custom incentives >

Incentives are subject to funding availability and may change.

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Success Stories

La Grande School District, La Grande, Oregon

La Grande School District, La Grande, Oregon

Umatilla School District, Umatilla, Oregon

Umatilla School District, Umatilla, Oregon