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Strategic Energy Management

Strategic Energy Management (SEM) helps industrial facilities of all types and sizes implement a holistic approach to energy management. Through SEM, manufacturers can reduce energy use immediately, providing a strong foundation for future continuous energy improvement.

Energy Trust can match its SEM services to the needs and abilities of your company and staff. The training is offered at no cost to you and cash incentives are based on annual energy savings at $0.04 per kilowatt hours and $0.40 per therm, with potential for additional milestone incentives.

How well can it work? 220+ industrial companies have become involved in various phases of SEM and typically see energy savings between 5- 10% each year.

Talk with your PDC to see if SEM is a good fit for your company.

Watch how Boise Cascade/Kinzua Lumber and Purdy Professional Painting Tools put SEM to work in their facilities.

  • Thumbnail of video for Boise Cascade/Kinzua Lumber
    Boise Cascade/Kinzua Lumber
  • Thumbnail of video for Purdy Professional Painting
    Purdy Professional Painting