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No-cost Lighting Upgrades for Small Businesses

For a limited-time, eligible small and medium-sized commercial and industrial businesses in Oregon can receive free lighting upgrades

For a small business, staying competitive means making every dollar count. One of the quickest and easiest ways to stretch your budget is to replace inefficient lighting with energy-efficient lighting and controls. We’re here to help. Energy Trust of Oregon is offering free lighting upgrades to eligible small to medium-sized business customers who install energy-efficient lighting solutions at their existing commercial building, multifamily property, or industrial facility. 

  1. Establish your eligibility

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    To qualify for free lighting upgrades, you must:

    • Be served by Portland General Electric or Pacific Power and contribute to the public purpose charge.
    • Have a project site in Oregon that uses less than 100,000 kWh per year and less than 3,500 therms per year.

    Other eligibility requirements may apply. Connect with us to see if you qualify. Call us at 1.800.326.2917 or email

  2. Sign up for a lighting walkthrough survey

    Energy Trust will visit your space and recommend a lighting solution that works for your business. To schedule, please call 1.800.326.2917 or email 

  3. Have equipment installed

    An Energy Trust representative will contact you to schedule the installation date for your new lighting system. Wondering what to do with your old light fixtures? Your installer will recycle them for you. 

    Note: Energy Trust performs post-installation verifications on some projects. Energy Trust does this to verify the installation meets all standards for energy efficiency and to ensure the customer is happy with the installation of their new lighting. If your business is selected for this, we will schedule at your convenience.  

Your walkthrough survey will provide energy efficient lighting recommendations specifically for your business.  

Energy Trust can provide a range of lighting products—interior, exterior, high-bay and lighting controls—to fit your needs. You can see a complete list of possible energy-efficient lighting solutions below.  

Interior lighting
LED screw-in for warehouses
Parking garage lighting for retail
LED high-bays for warehouses
LED interior fixtures for retail spaces
TLEDs for retail spaces and warehouses
LED pin-based lamps for small offices
LED A-lamps for retail spaces
LED decorative lighting for retail spaces
LED globe lighting for retail spaces
LED pin-based reflectors for retail spaces
LED R20 for retail spaces
LED BR for retail spaces
LED PAR for retail spaces
Exterior lighting
LED wallpack/flood
Exterior area street lighting
LED screw-in
Lighting controls
Interior vacancy sensor (manual on), with wall switch
Interior occupancy sensor, ceiling/corner/surface mount
Exterior occupancy sensor, fixture or pole mount
LED highbay with occupancy sensor
LED highbay with Luminaire Level Lighting Controls (LLLC)
Exterior wallpack/flood with occupancy sensor
Parking garage with LLLC
Parking garage with occupancy sensor
Exterior area with occupancy sensor

This is a limited time offer. Some restrictions apply and incentives are offered on a first-come, first-served basis while funding lasts. To find out if your business is eligible and sign up for your free walkthrough survey, call us at 1.800.326.2917 or email 

Incentives are subject to funding availability and may change. 

How is this offer different than Energy Trust’s other lighting incentives?

For a limited time, Energy Trust is offering free lighting upgrades to help small-medium business customers reduce energy costs now. You won’t pay any upfront costs for the new lights, so you’ll start seeing the energy savings right away.  

How do I know if my business qualifies for free lighting upgrades from Energy Trust?

If your business is located in Oregon in an existing commercial building, multifamily property, or industrial facility, uses less than 100,000 kilowatt hours per year and less than 3,500 therms per year, and is served by Portland General Electric or Pacific Power, then you are eligible. Other eligibility requirements may apply. Not sure if you qualify? Call us at 1.800.326.2917 or email and we can help confirm your eligibility.

I lease the space my business is located in. Is my space eligible for this offer?

If you pay the electric bill for your business, you’re eligible. However, you may need to talk with the owner of your space to see how these projects can be completed under the terms of your lease. Many businesses who lease install new lighting because it can reduce energy costs every month while improve the safety and appearance of the space. 

My business is served by Portland General Electric or Pacific Power but does not meet the other eligibility requirements. Can Energy Trust still help me save energy and money?

Yes. Energy Trust offers cash incentives and resources to help make lighting upgrades easier and more affordable for all types and sizes of businesses.  For a complete list of incentives, visit our Commercial lighting pageMultifamily lighting page, or Industrial lighting page. You can also contact our lighting team directly at 1.800.326.2917or 

Who will perform the lighting walkthrough survey and how can I schedule one?

An Energy Trust Small Business Direct Install Outreach Specialist will perform your walkthrough survey in person and provide recommendations based on an analysis of your building’s existing lighting equipment. Our team will follow all CDC COVID-19 recommendations for entering your business safely.  

To schedule, please call 1.800.326.2917or email 

How do I receive the lighting upgrades recommended to me during the walkthrough survey for free?

This is a limited time offer. To ensure you receive the energy-efficient lighting recommendations outlined in your walkthrough survey for free, please contact the Energy Trust representative who prepared the walkthrough survey report within 14 days of the date listed on the report. 

The incentives are offered on a first-come, first-served basis while funding lasts, so we encourage you to act quickly.  

Who will install my new lighting fixtures and/or controls?

Energy Trust will select a lighting contractor to install your new lighting system for you. All of Energy Trust’s trade ally contractors are licensed and have met all requirements to be a part of our select contractor network. Besides having all the technical skills to do the job, your installer has experience working in smaller businesses like yours. They will schedule the installation date, order materials, complete installation, and will even remove your old lighting fixtures for you. 

Can I receive free lighting upgrades if I install myself or have another contractor install?

No. Installation of the new lighting system must be performed by the lighting contractor provided by Energy Trust. You are not eligible to receive any compensation for the lights or labor if you install on your own or if you hire a contractor outside of Energy Trust’s network. 

Energy Trust has negotiated special product pricing and requires specific quality control standards from our contractors to ensure that the lighting products installed at your business function as intended.  

What are the benefits of upgrading to energy efficient lighting and controls?

Energy-efficient lighting can help your business reduce energy use and save on utility costs. Lighting is often one of the largest energy uses in a business so having highly efficient light can make a difference on your monthly operating costs. Upgrading to energyefficient LED lighting and controls can also improve lighting quality and consistency, resulting in brighter, safer spaces for your employees and customers.  Because LEDs last longer, you won’t have to change out bulbs as often, reducing maintenance costs and time spent on frequent replacements or repairs.  

I already have energy-efficient lighting installed at my business. Are there other ways Energy Trust can help me save energy and money?

Yes! There are lots of other ways to save energy and money. To find out what’s the next best energy upgrade for your business, visit Energy Trust’s incentive pages for commercial buildings, multifamily properties or industrial facilities 

If I participate in this offer, am I still eligible for other Energy Trust program offerings?

Absolutely! After you complete this project, check out cash incentives available to customers who own or are located in commercial buildings, multifamily properties or industrial facilities. 


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